What is a Prosthodontist

Is your cosmetic dentist a Prosthodontist ?

Why see a Prosthodontist ?

  • Missing teeth in need of dental implants or bridges
  • Unhappy with your smile in need of cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers and whitening
  • Unhappy denture wearer looking to speak and chew more comfortably with a better smile and improved self confidence
  • Failing partials looking for better chewing experience and comfort
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Failing dentition looking for a second chance
  • Cancer survivor looking to start the next phase of your life with dignity and health

What is a Prosthodontist ?


Prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the cosmetic restoration and replacement of teeth with implant, cosmetic, and reconstructive dental procedures  . Prosthodontists receive three years of additional training after dental school, and restore optimum appearance and function to your smile. Additional training for prosthodontists is earned through a hospital- or university-based program accredited by the American Dental Association. The training includes reviews of the literature, lectures, treatment of patients and laboratory experience in fabricating restorations. A prosthodontist is the skilled architect who can restore optimum function and appearance to your smile.

What is board certified Prosthodontist ?

Completion of specialty training is a prerequisite board certification in prosthodontics. This certification is awarded through the American Board of Prosthodontics and requires successful completion of the Part I written examination and Part 2, 3 and 4 oral examinations. The written and one oral examination may be taken during the 3rd year of specialty training and the remaining two oral examinations taken following completion of specialty training. Specialist who successfully complete the certification process are called “Diplomates of the American Board of Prosthodontics”. Fellows of the American College of Prosthodontists denoted by F.A.C.P. in the credentials of a fellow are required to have a dental degree, have completed three years of prosthodontic speciality training, and be board certified by the ABP. Dr. Jandali has been a board certified prosthodontist since 2001 and his certification with the ABP is currently in good standing.

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