Burt GERD – Sales Manager

Reflux Disease

After years of suffering from GERD (reflux disease), my teeth were all worn out and literally melted away. Strong stomach acids damage the teeth and so bad that I could not bite my teeth together anymore. After doing my research and on suggestions of my general dentist, I found out that the complexity of my case required the special skills of a prosthodontist. Dr, Jandali and his team, restored my entire teeth to what it used to look like many years ago. I can now enjoy all my favorite foods and smile with confidence again. Best of all, most of my teeth were saved and I did not have to use any dentures.
I appreciate all your kindness and good care you gave me. My maintenance treatments have done wonder for me. Thank you so much. Please enjoy the chocolates.

David – Businessman

Same Day Teeth

After years of ongoing dental care, root canals, gum therapy, and crown, my dentist suggested that I consider seeing a specialist.  My teeth were so badly damaged that they needed to be removed. I was at a cross roads.  Dentures or Dental Implants.  Nothing in between.  The though of  losing my teeth and wearing dentures sent chills down my spine.  Thanks to a new procedure with dental implants, I was able to have my teeth removed and replaced with dental implants all in the same day. The procedure was so quick that I went home with my temporary implant bridges the same day.  Dr. Jandali and his team did a phenomenal work.  A few months later, I received my permanent implant bridges.  I wish I did this long time ago…….

Nelson – Handyman

Denture Problems – Dental Implants

I lost my teeth at an early age due to a bad car accident. At the time, they decided to pull all my teeth and I was wearing dentures at a very young age.
Over the years, my jawbones kept deteriorating. I was told by my old dentist for years that there is nothing that can be done for me. Dr. Jandali and his team, were able to give me dental implants and repair my damaged jawbone. With my new dental implant bridges, I can now enjoy my food for the first time in many years. Anyone with dentures should explore the option of dental implants. What a life changer.

Maria-Failing – Teacher

Bridge-Dental Implants

I was referred to Dr. Jandali by my dentist for a second opinion regarding a failing upper bridge I had many years ago. Dr. Jandali and his staff explained my treatment options and we decided to replace the failing bridge with two dental implants.  The procedure was very comfortable and smooth and I can eat and smile with confidence again.

Same Day Teeth Metro Detroit