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All on 4 Dental Implants  Demystified

You most probably heard, read an article, or watched a TV commercial about  ” teeth in a day“, “same day teeth“, “teeth in an hour” , “All on 4“, or ” All on 6“.  Who knows? Tomorrow, someone may come up with his/her own spin and make up a nice catchy name for this dental treatment.

Confused?  You’re certainly not alone.  Many experienced dental professional cannot clearly articulate the differences between the various options.

Let’s starts with the key qualifying features or conditions for this treatment protocol

  • The replacement teeth have to be fixed to jaw bone (Non removable)
  • The replacement teeth have to be supported by a minimum of 4 implants in each jaw
  • The replacement teeth have to be inserted within 24-48 hours after implant surgery
  • The replacement teeth typically include  all the teeth in a minimum of one jaw (upper or lower or both)
  • The procedure is for patients with dentures or significant dental problems (terminal dentition)

You get the idea.  All teeth, same day, one day, 4 or more implants.  However, the devil is in the details.  Read on to find our more….