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The Problem(s)

  • Missing all teeth and wearing dentures
  • Significant dental disease such as tooth loss, dental decay, periodontal disease, and faulty bridges
  • Severe bone loss told by others “can’t get implants”

Our Solution?

Permanent implant bridge on multiple implants in one visit

Key Benefits & Features

  • Fixed replacement (not removable)
  • Use existing bone
  • Avoid bone grafting
  • Enjoy your favorite snacks shortly after surgery
  • 90% of normal chewing capacity

What Makes us Different

“The E3D Difference ”

The E3D Solution vs. Traditional Treatment Options

A novel option for the replacement of all missing teeth, our E3D treatment approach provided a full replacement solution to replace all missing teeth. The replacement teeth consist of a bridges anchored to several dental implants. No need for messy adhesives, palatal coverage, or excess bulk associated with traditional dental implant overdenutures. The process is planned, designed and executed through the use of the world’s most advanced digital dental technology equipment and software. Through strategic and precise positioning of the implants, bone grafting procedures to add bone volume are not needed in 90% of the cases. Best of all, in most cases, the permanent bridge can be delivered within one day from the surgery.

A few words about Mini Implants

To avoid grafting and due to the lack of knowledge, experience, and capabilities, many offices present patients with the option of mini implants and call it same day teeth. Often times, patients receive several mini implants and their existing dentures are modified to add the retention o-rings the same day. The o-rings grab onto the mini implant heads and provide anchorage between the denture and the implants. In other cases, new dentures are made and o-rings are incorporated into them. It is important to keep in mind that the dentures that area supported by multiple mini implants are REMOVABLE, BULKY, and are generally associated with HIGH FAILURE RATES. Moreover, the o-rings wear out and need to be changed periodically. While this procedure is touted as “conservative” not requiring grafting “graftless”, the long term outcome and results are clearly inferior to other treatment options. Some practitioners promote this as same day dentures or all on 4 dentures which is misleading.


Less secure
Needs adhesive
Covers palate

Limited 10-15%

Requires 5-10 visits 6-9 month healing

Lasts 2-8 years
Adjustment & Relines

$1,200- $6,000


More secure
No adhesive
Same bulk


6-12 visits
6-9 month

8-10 years
Replace snaps every 6 months



Non removable
Most secure and
closest to natural
teeth when done by
competent specialist


15+ visits Sinus lifts, bone grafts and up to 2 years of treatment

Lifetime with


E3d Implant



One Visit

Life Time Warranty

From $18,999


  • *Move when you eat or speak
  • Look like false teeth (which they are)
  • Physically uncomfortable
  • Cause damage to surrounding teeth
  • Accelerate bone loss
  • Changes to facial appearance
  • Require ongoing visits for adjustment and/or replacement

Implant Restoration

  • *Eat and speak with confidence
  • *Life like appearance
  • As close to natural teeth
  • Do not touch natural teeth
  • Prevent bone loss and preserve bone
  • Support facial structures
  • Routine maintenance and follow up

Relative Chewing Capacity

Implant Solution


Snap on Implant supported dentures


Traditional Dentures


We are the only facility in Michigan with the experience and technology to provide a custom milled, permanently fixed bridge in just 1 visit

You may have seen the ad on TV from corporate dental chains claiming to use 21st Century Technology, but the fact is that the techniques and protocols ther are using were invented decades, or even a century ago. The All-on-4 Treatment Concept was invented more than 2 decades ago, and the technique they use to make the dentures was invented in early 1900's.

The E3d Implant Solution is the only protocol that has made significant changes to these techniques in the
21st Century.

Conventional Outfits vs. Our Solution

Teeth in a day

99% of practitioners that perform the Teeth-in-a-day® procedure, whether they call it ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept, Permanent Dentures, Implant Dentures, etc, will use the converted denture technique. A denture that was made at one of several previous appointments is converted into a temporary denture at the time of implant surgery. They will fabricate this denture using denture teeth and acrylic. Often times the surgery, and the placement of your denture will happen at several offices. You will wear this denture for 6 months to 2 years. During this time you will return to the Dentist multiple times before you ever receive permanent teeth.

Stock "off the shelf" resin teeth

19th Century techniques

Single or multiple labs

"Off the Shelf"  resin denture teeth

Resin teeth prone to fracture

Multiple Dentists, multiple visits, denture teeth

E3d Implant Solution

The E3d Implant Solution is vastly improved. This revolutionary procedure provides a permanent, predictable, and customized solution in just 24 hours. Because of our proprietary protocols, experience, expertise, and investment into the most advanced milling machines in the world, we are able to fabricate your bar, and embed it into our custom-milled PMMA hybrid bridges in less than 4 hours. We are the only facility world-wide that has this technology and expertise. This allows us to give you a permanent bridge with a titanium bar in just one visit, and allows you to enjoy the foods you love immediately following surgery!

Custom digitally designed patient specific

Computer controlled digital work flow

High precision and accuracy

Custom Milled Ceramic Bridge

High strenght Zirconia ceramic

Single Dentist, Single Visit, PERMANENT BRIDGE


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