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Dental implants are the immediate lasting solution. The Dental Rehabilitation Center in Metro Detroit gives you same-day-teeth dental implants so you can go back home with a lucky grin and a beaming smile through unique service dubbed all-on-four dental implants board-certified specialist at Dental Rehabilitation Center can now replace all teeth and put a storybook happy ending to all your dental woes.

Problems, Our Solution and Benefits

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Missing all teeth and wearing dentures Significant dental diseases such as tooth loss, dental decayperiodontal disease, and faulty bridges Severe bone loss told by others “can’t get dental implants”



Permanent implant bridge on multiple dental implants in one visit



Fixed replacement (not removable), Use existing bone, Avoid bone grafting, Enjoy your favorite snacks shortly after surgery
90% of normal chewing capacity

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Our clinic offers comprehensive solutions for all of your dental needs.

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Our Solution vs. Traditional Treatment

A novel option for the replacement of all missing teeth, our E3D treatment approach provided a full replacement solution to replace all missing teeth. The replacement teeth consist of bridges anchored to several dental implants. No need for messy adhesives, palatal coverage, or excess bulk associated with traditional dental implant overdentures. The process is planned, designed and executed through the use of the world’s most advanced digital dental technology equipment and software. Through strategic and precise positioning of the implants, bone grafting procedures to add bone volume are not needed in 90% of the cases. Best of all, in most cases, the permanent bridge can be delivered within one day from the surgery.

To avoid grafting and due to the lack of knowledge, experience, and capabilities, many offices present patients with the option of mini implants and call it same day teeth. Often times, patients receive several mini implants and their existing dentures are modified to add the retention o-rings the same day. The o-rings grab onto the mini implant heads and provide anchorage between the denture and the implants. In other cases, new dentures are made and o-rings are incorporated into them. It is important to keep in mind that the dentures that are supported by multiple mini implants are REMOVABLE, BULKY, and are generally associated with HIGH FAILURE RATES. Moreover, the o-rings wear out and need to be changed periodically. While this procedure is touted as “conservative” not requiring grafting “graftless”, the long term outcome and results are clearly inferior to other treatment options. Some practitioners promote this as same day dentures or all on 4 dentures which is misleading.

  • Traditional Dentures


    Less secure

    Needs adhesive

    Covers palate


  • Limited 10-15%

  • Requires 5-10

    visits 6-9 month healing

  • Lasts 2-8 years

  • Snap-on Dentures


    More secure

    No adhesive


    Same bulk

  • 60%

  • 6-12 visits

    6-9 month

  • 8-10 years

    Replace snaps every 6 months

  • Traditional Implants

    Non removable

    Most secure

    Closest to natural

    Teeth when done by competent specialist

  • 95%

  • 15+ visits Sinus lifts, bone grafts and up to 2 years of treatment

  • Lifetime with proper maintenance

  • Our Implant Solution

    Most Secure

    Permanent Replacement Option

  • 95%

  • One Visit

  • Lifetime Warranty

* Depending on the number of remaining teeth, planned implants, and arches to be restored

** All Inclusive Fee per arch with no added fee for extra implants.  Restoration made of  milled zirconia ceramic material as opposed to traditional acrylic resin

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We are the only facility in the Midwest with the experience and technology to provide a custom milled, permanently fixed bridge in just 1 visit


Move when you eat or speak

Look like false teeth (which they are)

Physically uncomfortable

Cause damage to surrounding teeth

Accelerate bone loss

Changes to facial appearance

Require ongoing visits for adjustment and/or replacement

Implant Restoration

Eat and speak with confidence

Lifelike appearance

As close to natural teeth

Do not touch natural teeth

Prevent bone loss and preserve bone

Support facial structures

Routine maintenance and follow up

Relative Chewing Capacity

Implant Solution90%

Snap on implant supported dentures60%

Traditinoal Dentures20%

Our Difference

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Dr. Rami Jandali

Meet Dr. Rami Jandali

Dr. Jandali specializes in prosthodontics, one of the nine recognized specialties by the American Dental Association (ADA)

Three years of additional advanced training after dental school at an accredited hospital or university-based program are required to earn the specialty certification.

Dr. Jandali received his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (Penn D95). Following graduation from dental school, he attended the University at Buffalo where received his specialty training in prosthodontics and a MS degree. He then furthered his training with a fellowship in maxillofacial prosthetics and dental oncology at the world renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Dr. Jandali has been a= board certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics since 2001 and holds the esteemed status of Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists (FACP)

Dr. Jandali is the founder and current director of the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Prosthodontics at the John D Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit, MI. He is also a part-time instructor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, School of Dentistry and serves as a consultant at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Professional affiliations

The American College of Prosthodontists (Fellow)

The American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthtetics (Felow)

The Academy of Osseointegration (Member)

Academic Affiliations

University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Dentistry

Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Biologic and Material Sciences

Hospital Appointments and Privileges

Detroit VA Medical Center-Surgical Service-Dental Section

Children’s Hospital of Michigan (DMC)-ENT Service-Developmental Dentistry

Our Solution is the only protocol that has made significant changes to these techniques in the 21st Century.

Referring Practice

Little Experience

3 – 10 Visits to multiple offices

Converted Denture

Permanent Bridge in 6 – 24 months

No in-house lab case outsourced

Acrylic Plastic Teeth

Corporate Facility

Multiple Dentists

3 – 10 Visits to one facility

Converted Denture

Permanent Bridge in 6 – 12 months

In-house Denture lab

Acrylic Plastic Teeth

Our Solution

Most Experience

One Visit

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Permanent Bridge in one visit

CAD CAM milling

Zirconia Ceramic Teeth

Conventional Outfits vs. Our Solution

Teeth in a day

99% of practitioners that perform the Teeth-in-a-day® procedure, whether they call it ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept, Permanent Dentures, Implant Dentures, etc , will use the converted denture technique. A denture that was made at one of several previous appointments is converted into a temporary denture at the time of implant surgery. They will fabricate this denture using denture teeth and acrylic. Often times the surgery, and the placement of your denture will happen at several offices. You will wear this denture for 6 months to 2 years. During this time you will return to the Dentist multiple times before you ever receive permanent teeth. Stock "off the shelf" resin teeth, 19th Century techniques, Single or multiple labs

Our Implant Solution

Our Solution is vastly improved. This revolutionary procedure provides a permanent, predictable, and customized solution in just 24 hours. Because of our proprietary protocols, experience, expertise, and investment into the most advanced milling machines in the world, we are able to fabricate your bar and embed it into our custom-milled PMMA hybrid bridges in less than 4 hours. We are the only facility worldwide that has this technology and expertise. This allows us to give you a permanent bridge with a titanium bar in just one visit, and allows you to enjoy the foods you love immediately the following surgery! Custom digitally designed patient-specific, Computer controlled digital workflow, High precision, and accuracy

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Our clinic offers comprehensive solutions for all of your dental needs.