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We strongly believe that access to high quality dental care is a right and not a privilege. Many dentally challenged patients often delay their dental treatment for many reasons. Typical barriers to begin dental treatment can include the following:

  • Lack of knowledge about possible solutions
  • Fear of dental treatment
  • Economic reasons
  • Acceptance of the status quo due to low self esteem
Note severe worn out front teeth due to grinding and acid reflux. All was corrected to ideal form and function with full mouth reconstruction
Note severe worn out front teeth due to grinding and acid reflux. All was corrected to ideal form and function with full mouth reconstruction

If you have been suffering from poor dentures, loss of teeth, failing dentition, or are unhappy with your smile, we have a solution for you.
Our goal is to facilitate patient access to care by reducing or eliminating barriers to treatment. For this reason, we offer ALL patients a FREE CONSULTATION visit.
You will be welcomed by our friendly office staff and who will gather the necessary information about your overall medical health and dental needs. In some instances, we will take the necessary imaging (Digital x-rays) to determine your candidacy for any of our signature implant, cosmetic, or reconstructive dental procedures.
A board certified specialist will review your case with you and inform you about treatment options that best fit your particular case. This includes, advantages, disadvantages, risks, benefits, for the various treatment options.
An informed patient will make an informed decision. Research shows that patients who actively participate in decisions of their care have better treatment outcomes. When you schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, we urge you to be prepared to ask the necessary questions that can affect your care. Here are some of the information that we will need you to provide us:

  • List of general medical conditions you are being treated for if any
  • List of active prescription and over the counter medications
  • Recent hospitalization or outpatient surgery visits
  • Any dentures or partials (new or old)
  • Any dental records such as x rays, molds, etc.
  • List of the items that most bother you about your current dental condition
  • What are your goals in terms of your dental health

Here are a list of typical questions that you may want to ask when you meet with our team:

  • Am I a candidate for dental implants ?
  • How many dental implants do I need for my case ?
  • Will my treatment be carried out by a board certified specialist ?
  • What are the possible complications for my treatment ?
  • My friend had her implants placed by an “implantologist” and was told later by her dentist that he cannot make her teeth over the implants.
  • How do I make sure this does not happen to me ?
  • What is the success rate of my proposed treatment ?
  • Do I need bone grafting prior to implant placement ?
  • How long will my treatment take to complete ?
  • Do you do same day teeth in your office ?
  • Will I have any temporary teeth ? Do I need any temporary teeth?
  • Will my temporary teeth be removable of fixed (stationary) ?
  • How many surgeries do I need to complete my case ?
  • What special instructions I have to follow during the treatment phase ?
  • What guarantee do you provide for dental treatment completed at this office ?
  • Will my treatment plan and fee include all the necessary steps needed to complete my case ?
  • What happens if we find out that more procedures are needed in the middle of treatment ?
  • How much experience do you have in treating cases like mine ?
  • Can I see examples of cases similar to mine that were treated successfully ?
  • Can I speak to patients who underwent similar treatments to my proposed care ?

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