Are You a Candidate

Are you a candidate ?

  • Missing teeth in need of dental implants or bridges
  • Unhappy with your smile in need of cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers and whitening
  • Unhappy denture wearer looking to speak and chew more comfortably with a better smile and improved self confidence
  • Failing partials looking for better chewing experience and comfort
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Failing dentition looking for a second chance
  • Cancer survivor looking to start the next phase of your life with dignity and health

We offer the full scope of prosthodontic specialty services at our clinic.
If you are interested in high quality dental care, you need to see a prosthodontist.
Why settle for less than the best when it comes to your dental health.



Why see a prosthodontist ?

The case below demonstrates a typical case that can be transformed by our signature procedures.
The patient was in his mid thirties and suffered from a number of dental conditions including:

  • Missing multiple teeth
  • Gummy smile and poor cosmetics
  • Worn out teeth due to prolonged grinding and acid reflux
  • Large fillings that are defective and broken
  • Uneven bite and the inability to eat foot
  • Sensitive teeth due to the erosion of the enamel that protects the teeth

If untreated, the condition will worsen with time as the the wear of the teeth will become more severe which many complicated the case even further.
Following a detailed evaluation, a treatment plan that best suits this patient needs was developed. This treatment plan included the following procedures:

  • Dental implants to replace his missing teeth
  • Cosmetic gum lift to correct the gummy smile
  • Cosmetic porcelain crowns (caps) to protect the worn out teeth and bite problems


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Note gummy smile, worn out teeth due to grinding and acid refulx, missing teeth, and broken fillings. Delay in treatment will only make matters worse.

cap here

With a combination of implant, cosmetic, and reconstructive procedures, we were able to correct the the gummy smile and protect the worn out teeth and restore the patient’s bite to proper health

An informed patient will make an informed decision. Studies also show that patients who are well informed have an overall better treatment outcome. Healthcare is a highly customized field. No two cases are exactly alike and there are many nuances to each case. Many patients spend countless hours online researching their treatment options. The result is often confusion about the different choices which leads to no action. This only delays possible solutions to long term problems. While the internet is a a wonderful source of information, when it comes to healthcare, it is no substitute to profession opinions by a trained and experienced specialist. Take the first step to transform your dreams into reality. Contact our office today for a FREE CONSULTATION become more informed about your treatment options at absolutely no obligation to you.

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