Frequently Asked Questions



I ve been told that having 6 implants is better, is this true


What is an arch?


What do the implant solutions bridge feel like?


What is the difference between is and corporate dental centers


I went to a dentist for an all on 4 consultation and he she is sendingme to another dentist for another consultation, why?


How do I know what my teeth will look like?


Am I required to be in public videos or before and after pics


How can you offer this for so much less that other procedures


What if I have dental anxiety


How many days does it take to complete the procedure

It will take one 3 day visit to our facility


1 consult, planning

2 surgery

3 Delivery


Others have said it will take 6-12 months to  complete my permanent, how can this be different


Are there any payment plans available


How much does the procedure cost


Does insurance cover a portionof the procedure


When is the full payment due


What forms of payment are accepted


I cannot afford this procedure, is any help available


Can I use muy HAS to help pay


Can I take money from my IRA account


Are the fees tax deductible


How do I schedule an appointment


How far in advance is Dr. J booked


Is there a deposit to schedule surgery


Is there excessive pain involved


Will I be sedated


What meds will be Rx


How long is the suyrgery


What about smoking


What if I am a diabetic


Should I get my teeth extracted first


How can the implant be placed at the same time as the extraction


What if Ive been told I don’t have enough bone for dental implants


Can I send my x rays or CT scan for evaluation


What type of implants are used


What is pmma


What is a milled titanium bar


What is a prettaue Z bridge


Is there a guarantee on the dental implants


How long will be bridges last


How often should I have my bridges professionally cleaned


How do I care for my new bridges


What if something happens after I leave


What if I want to change the shade or look of my bridges


What is a reline


What is a waterpik and how do I use it


Will food get under my bridges


What foods can I eat after my surgery


How does Dr. J insure my bite is correct after I get my new bridges


Do you provide hotel stay


Do you provide airfare


How will I get to the hotel, office, etc


Can I travel wieth a companion


What airport do I fly into


I livein another state, do you have any other locations

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