We leverage the most advanced digital dental technology in the world to create custom solutions for each patient. Our process is typically as follows:


During this step, the patient is digitized.  We capture all the patinet’s relevant anatomy using x rays and digital imaging.  The result is a 100% digitized patient replica that we can visualize and manipulate in the computer.

*3D Cone Beam x ray scan of the patient which allows us to visualize the patient’s anatomy and available bone in 3D.(Insert 3d image) . This opens up a whole new dimension as compared to traditional 2D images used by 99% of our competitors.

*3D intra-oral scaning of the patinet’s soft and hard tissue using a high definition optical scanner

*Face scanners used to import the patient’s appearance into the virtual environment


*CAP&D is the next generationtion of CAD.  After importing all the needed information (3D x rays, 3D surface scans, digital images, and facial scans, sofisticated Computer Aided Planning and Design (CAPD) software  enables us to visualize and plan your treatment needs in a 100% virtual environment.

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