Cost of Dental Implants

Our promise to you is that our DENTAL IMPLANT treatment fees are ALL INCLUSIVE. The fee your will receive from our office will cover all your needed services with no hidden fees or surprise add ons in the middle of the treatment course. We are able to do this through our ALL INCLUSIVE INTEGRATED CLINICAL CARE where you will receive all the services from a single source . Since this is all we do, we can predictably anticipate your needed care and give you a very accurate and fair figure that reflects your needed care.Like most high quality products and services these days, high quality dentistry that works well and last long is expensive. We wish this wasn’t the case but it simply is. On the other side, high quality dentistry will last you for many years and is an investment that you will use and enjoy every day. Your health is your most precious asset and you should make the best investment to protect it. Often times, people tend to look for low cost alternative to quality care where they should seek the best care that they can find regardless of price. Unfortunately, it is much more costly and complicated to “fix” problems that were not treated well when they could have been managed properly in the first place.Having said that, we strongly believe that high quality dentistry should be afforded to everyone regardless of their resources. We offer unique plans with exclusive option to choose from that provide hope for almost every patient. Many prospective patients ask us” How much will my dental care cost me ?”. Providing such an answer over the phone is simply impossible and not fair to the patient since each case is different and needs to be evaluated. Dentistry is highly customized service and each procedure and treatment plan is carefully tailored to suite the individual needs of a particular case. We could have a “one size fits all fee,” but some patients would greatly underpay and others would greatly overpay. Hardly anyone would think that was fair!

When you come for your FREE CONSULTATION, we can determine if you will be a candidate for our services. At, this time, a detailed evaluation will be arranged form which we can design a custom treatment plan with treatment options and fees.

Below are some preliminary figures for some of the common situations to satisfy the curiosity of some of our patients.

You have no teeth, are wearing dentures, or all your teeth are failing:

  • Option 1: Non removable (Fixed ) replacement teeth on dental implants : $19,995.00-$29,995.00 per jaw
  • Option 2: Removable replacement teeth that clip on implants: $ 4,995-$14,995.00 per jaw

You are missing one tooth. Most of the times, a dental implant is your best options to replace the missing tooth. This can range from simple to highly complicated front tooth that is very difficult to conceal and make appear natural.

  • Cost ranges from $2,495.00-$4,995.00 per to tooth

You are missing some teeth and have remaining natural teeth that are worn down but can be saved. In this case, you are probably in need of full mouth reconstruction using crowns, implants, and veneers. In some instances this can be done in stages where one side or one jaw is done at a time. In some instances, the treatment needs to include the entire mouth at the same time. More on reconstructive dentistry can be found here

  • $2,995.00-$9,995 per side
  • $14,9995.00-$29,995.00 per jaw

Our treatment fees are always ALL INCLUSIVE. This means that you will be given ONE FEE that includes all necessary treatments for a healthy mouth and long lasting smile. Any need for additional referral services will be communicated to you at the time the treatment is presented.

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