” All on 4″ Implant Solutions

Teeth in a Day?

Transform your life and get your smile back in as little as ONE day Missing teeth can now be replaced in as little as one day. Thanks to the revolutionary dental implant techniques of immediate restoration, we are now able to place the implant and a temporary restoration at the same time. Imagine you walk in with a set of failing teeth or dentures and walk out the SAME DAY with your new dental implant restorations. We have been performing this well documented and highly successful treatment procedures for over 10 years. With our ALL-INCLUSIVE integrated treatment protocol, the entire procedure will be performed by board certified specialist under one roof without the need for multiple visits and consultations at multiple offices. This allows for great savings and efficiency while still providing the highest specialized quality care with no compromise.

Typically, the implants are placed and a temporary restorations is made immediately. This temporary restorations is secured on the implants which are then allowed to heal for anywhere from 3-6 months. After the successful healing of the implants, a new definitive (permanent) implant restoration is made.

Immediate restorations make it possible for you to have secure and life like looking tooth replacements in less than 24 hours. There’s no need to wait for implant-supported restorations to heal, which traditionally took months, which, in turn, meant waiting that long to chew, smile and speak clearly. The customized immediate restoration procedures allow you to leave the dental chair after just one treatment visit with teeth that look natural and remain healthy. You can eat, smile, laugh and speak clearly right away. And after the implants fully heal, they will be as strong as or stronger than your natural teeth. The space, gum tissue and underlying bone must be appropriate to place the dental implants. When you schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, we can determine if you are a suitable candidate for implant bridges to replace your missing teeth.

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Same Day Teeth Metro Detroit