Cosmetic Dentures

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For years, our custom made dentures have been changing the lives of patients. When it comes to dentures, prosthodontists are uniquely positioned to porvide you with the best possible result that fits your condition. Tooth loss takes its toll on the mouth, face, and body. The result is the classic denture face with sagging lips and cheeks and the “sad” look due to the collapse of the face.

Note how loss of teeth leads to bone loss and a collapsed face
Note how loss of teeth leads to bone loss and a collapsed face

Our dentures are made based on careful analysis of your face, body style, and personality in order to bring our the best possible features and most cosmetic result. With the right choice of our European denture teeth and by customizing the volume of the denture base, we can give you a more youthful appearance. The result is a “face lift” effect without even going under the knife of the plastic surgeon
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Key benefits of our Cosmetic Dentures:

  • Natural looking denture teeth selected to match your face, personality, and gender
  • Longer-lasting denture teeth made from the next generation materials imported directly from Europe
  • Custom arrangement off teeth for a natural look and “face lift” effect.
  • Choice of over 40 different tooth shapes, newly developed to compliment age and gender
  • Choice of multiple realistic gum tones
  • High impact resistant denture base with precision fit

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