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Whether you are looking to replace or repair a single tooth or seeking full mouth reconstruction, your care will be carried out by dental specialists with additional years of education and experience. Dr. Jandali and his network of specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care dentistry can deliver in the 21st century.  If you are referred from your family dentist, we will work with your referring dentist to optimize your care  in the best possible way that fits your clinical situation.


Our approach to treatment planning and execution is comprehensive and addresses the “Big Picture”.  Many times, we see patients who were caught up in  years in dental treatment without having a clear direction of what the end result should be.  The result is a disappointing outcome and a significant waste of time and resources that could have been spent “doing it right” the first time.  “Begin with the end in mind ” is the driving theme of our treatment approach. Our process of integrating the knowledge, experience, skills, and resources under one roof,  enables us to deliver your care with extreme efficiency and at the highest levels of quality without the added time and expenses experienced in the traditional models of care.  The result is a more convenient and predictable treatment experience.


Rather than practicing the full range of  dentistry, we focus exclusively on Implant, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Dentistry.  With years of full-time post graduate training and experience in this field, we are best positioned to delivered your care at the highest levels possible. This is what sets up apart from the growing population of practitioners who claim to be dental implant specialists or cosmetic dentists, specialties that is NOT recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA).


We believe that exceptional quality dental care is a right to EVERY patient and not a privilege to a select few.  Many times, dentally disabled patients put off their care for years due to different barriers such as fear, cost, frustration, and the lack of knowledge about options available to them.  For this reason, we strive to facilitate the first step and invite ALL patients for a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists.  During this visit, we will gather certain basic health and dental information pertinent to your case.  Many times, we will also perform a complimentary digital x-ray screening to determine your candidacy to one of our treatment options.  You will be informed about possible solutions we can offer you at our clinic so you can make the best informed decision about your case.More about free consultations here


For patients with failing dentition due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, faulty restorations, ill-fitting dentures or partials, we offer same day treatment options. Many times, dental implants can help support a new set of teeth that replaces the failing dentition.  These replacements look, feel, and function like normal teeth and are delivered to the patient during the same day of implant placement.  Our team of  doctors and technicians have extensive experience in this treatment protocol which ensures a safe and predictable outcome.


At our clinic, we take advantage of the best technology available in the world of dentistry today.  From digital  intraoral and panoramic x-rays with low exposure rates to high definition 3-D imaging and planning tools such as Cone Beam CT scans and digital 3-D printing and modelling, our team will utilize the best combination of diagnostic and planning tools to ensure the best outcome can be reached for your case. As the dental field becomes more digitized, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the digital dental revolution to provide you the best possible care.


We understand the many barriers patient have to dental care including fear.  Complex dental treatment can be an intimidating venture.  For this reason, we have teamed with the best sedation specialists in the Detroit area to offer you a safe, comfortable treatment experience.   We will not judge you for being a fearful patient but rather welcome you and encourage you for taking the first step to transform your life.


Our goal is to make high quality dental care accessible and affordable to our patients.  We will work hard to match our treatment options to your budget without compromising the quality of care.  In many instances, our treatment protocols allows for a more affordable treatment option than traditional dental procedures.  You will be quoted ONE ALL INCLUSIVE fee for your entire treatment plan.  Full transparency with no hidden fees or surprises.  Our partnership with Global Implant Solutions, a US based  manufacturer of dental implants and accessories,  allows us to bring you innovative high quality dental implant treatment options at affordable prices.  We accept all major credit cards and work with a number of third party health financing companies to facilitate your care. More information about financing options here

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